Hayfever and dreamweavers

It feels like quite an age since I last spoke on here, but I guess that’s reflective of the fact that the sun has finally got his hat on and I am just a summer bunny. Everything seems a little lighter and brighter in summer.

I’m not sure if I’m one of those SAD sufferers. I probably am. But I just love being outside in the suns air. The reality of this combined with bad hayfever is that I feel really wiped out after long periods in the sun.

That kinda meant after this walk, I needed a big glass of water and a lie down. I guess that just echoes how much I love the sunshine. A price has to be paid and I’ll gladly pay it for a walk in the summer air.

Alongside the negatives of hayfever come the positives of confidence, and this comes just in time for some big changes in my life. More on those later.

But for now, I’m enjoying a boost of sunshine, a wave of confidence in my clothes and I look forward to summer 2019. Happy Easter everyone.

Style, an evolution: Feb 2019 edition

On pondering what I want to keep in my wardrobe and cherish for the years to come, whilst thinking about what I’d like to cull, I decided to go through my Instagram and collate non work outfits that I really loved.

You know, things I actually loved to wear and why I loved wearing them.

Of course there are outfits I loved back then but I wouldn’t wear now, so this time I haven’t included those. Maybe my next post could Include a bit of that!

So let’s take a trip back,

Way back,

To 2011…

The year of no eyebrows and bright hair. I loved my hair like this and would still do it today if I wasnt so scared my hair would fall out!

The key features I like in this photo style wise are

  1. The blazer ,right, so I’m still on a mission to find the perfect blazer for me. I used to wear this one all the time. And I loved it. Nice smart alternative to other jackets for weddings etc.
  2. Statement jewellery, so I do wear lots of this now, still! Long may it continue.

Late 2015

My aesthetic was, of course, long hair dont care, and this kaftan was strategically falling off the shoulder. In reality this outfit was so put together in my style, I actually love it and would wear it now. 3 of my fave things make this outfit what it is.

  1. Black skinnies #aclassic!
  2. Pointed boots I’ve recently started to wear these again, my love for them never died!
  3. A statement belt. I really like this western style and I still wear this one. Something I want to incorporate more into the wardrobe!

Oh and this scarf. I bloody loved this scarf. I lost it in the club. One day I’ll find a worthy replacement but I distinctly remember making all my friends trapse back to the club to find it and ringing the next day to see if it had turned up.

I’m pretty sure it was taken. Well I know who you are, I’ll find you, and I’ll kick your ass. #takenreference.

Moving on…

Ahh the chop of the hair. So this is early 2017. Lots of

  1. Scarves to obviously shield my cold neck. Always loving this!
  2. Denim I worked at Gap at this time and lived in denim. I wish I had kept this little denim dress because I still have the belt and scarf and I bloody love the combo.
  3. Statement lipstick , again, I’m loving wearing a strong lip and I’m not mad at it!
  4. Floaty dresses and trainers a Combo that will never die. And I’m glad!

To my summer wardrobe:

Not going to lie, I felt like my summer wardrobe was strong this year.

  1. Jumpsuits came into play this year and
  2. Colourful dressing really excited me.

This year of course I’ll keep it colourful, but I want to try and invest more in forever pieces rather than pieces I can solely wear in summer. I want to try mixing some of these pieces with blazers and jumpers to ensure these well loved in summer bits dont leave me with a fair weather wardrobe.

To more recently,

These 3 are giving me the proud and comfortable vibes more than I’ve felt in a while. The last two really feel like me outfits and this is something I really want to home in on.

I feel like my style is a mix of quirky scandi (think simple with statement accessories and lots of street wear) and boho vibes (think gig wear, beach wear and florence and the machine) and this is something I want to lock down in 2019 and beyond.

So I hope you enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane with me. I might even do a YT video on this and make it a style investigation series. Let’s get this pinned down for 2019 and release the true me.

I’m waiting for summer to bloom again 🙏

Some recent outfits I’ve styled up 💕

Most of these were in H&M using their new stock which actually sparked joy! (Haha yes Marie Kondo!)

Recently I’ve been feeling quite uninspired, hense the lack of posts, and most of these were taken when it was snowing here in the North.

Now weve seen the back of the snow (I think?!) I’m desperate to see a little bit of sunshine. I just love it!

Oh and, here is what I actually wore that day. And I’m kinda digging it 😘

Hair growth update and being a curly girl.

It’s taken me the best part of 30 years to actually appreciate my natural curly hair.

Today I straightened my locks for the first time in months and with a look from my boyfriend I knew it had aged me.

He looks at me and goes, “You look sensible” which of course I read as “you look old.” And honestly, I felt it. At the grand old age of 30, I haven’t ever felt like I’m getting on, until that moment. It just wasn’t me.

Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate it, I like how long my hair is eventually getting and my undercut makes everything a bit more modern but..and I shock myself to say this, I very much prefer my hair curly.

Going forward I will do a post or two on my curly hair journey but I did start with a good base of naturally curly hair and frequent hair cuts as my hair is short. But I have dipped in and out of the curly girl method and have found an adaptation that kind of works for me.

I think, for me in 2019, it’s time to let my hair flourish in its natural state, and I’m going to work on developing my style further into a more curated capsule. (I know I teased last year about my capsule wardrobe, and I plan to show this in a post soon, but I’m doing no spend Jan and I feel like now is the time to concentrate on those finishing touches!)

Thank you for reading a little reflection on my hair growth and update on how I’m feeling about it. I’m totally in the mood to just see what happens.

Why I’m not bullet journaling this year and I don’t feel bad about it…


I’m basically totally not bullet journalling this year and here are my 5 reasons why.

My beautiful new journal. “Journal” is hipster for “diary”



  1. As cute as the damn thing is, I found it more of a chore to set up my “monthly spread” than anything else. It felt time consuming.
  2. Not only did it eat up my precious, valuable time where I could be watching Luther or yet another Louis Theroux, I felt pressure to get it right 100% of the time (so obviously this meant ripping out pages when I made a mistake, which was, of course, every 5 seconds.
  3. I really didnt like the pressure of deciding the theme/layout of each month. I recommend YouTuber Amanda Rach Lee for some beautifully created, inspiring and theraputic videos of her bullet journal. But if you’re like me, you want to recreate that exact spread so you spend hours doing it and it still doesnt look right so you’re back to numbers one and two. I will 100% continue to watch her as 1. Shes a fantastic artist and 2. I will learn to doodle in my diary!
  4. I just prefer the already laid out monthly calender for aesthetic purposes. (See below, my beautiful new diary for 2019.) The boxes are perfectly alined, and this pleases me. I couldn’t do this myself in a bullet journal as I dont own a ruler and I dont intend to. I’m too hipster-creative for that.

    Beautiful even spaces.

5. Just because I haven’t got dots to work with, doesnt mean I cant get creative with adjusting my diary. I have already added a column to each month so I can track my finances, and the large note section is great for doodles and actual notes. End of the day I use my diary for practical purposes, and I read somewhere that if the bullet journal is stressing you out more than its helping (come on, does anyone actually use the Key and Index features?!) then its time to say bye bye.

I loved you in 2017 Bullet Journal, but late 2018 we broke up. 2019, Its back to a diary. I’ll keep you updated ❤

Bye bye bullet journal. You were oh so cool. (Trendy but just not FUNctional for me)


Hello 2019, Keep on keeping on.

2019-01-02 098150387178849081668..jpg

Hello again, and I guess, hello 2019! 2018 has been a pretty decent year all things considered, and of course there has been ups and downs, but today, January 02nd 2019 I took down the christmas tree, hoovered the carpet free from tinsel and reflected on 2018.

It’s been a good one.

2019-01-02 09361540257588633715..jpg

Upon reflection I saw:

  • I traveled quite a bit, (I visited Barcelona, Gdansk, Edinburgh, Durham, York, and Manchester) , I explored my own city and felt an increasing comfort in being rooted in such a fantastic place.
  • Not only did I get the chance to do all these things, I experienced it all with my soul mate, (sop, I know) my Ben, who makes sitting on our sofa doing absolutley nothing the most fun thing in the world.

2019-01-02 094733866535266416876..jpg

  • I lost 2 stone in weight and my running (and general health) improved. Not equivicating loosing weight to being or feeling better, but quite honestly, 2 stone lighter, I do feel better being able to run 3 miles without stopping, getting my PB in Park run and fitting into (and buying) new clothes. I lost over 10% of my bodyweight and this has proven health benifits. Ive probably put on about 5 stone with all the quality street and pigs in blankets in the past festive weeks, but I know I’ll get back on it and this summer I will feel even better running my 3 miles and beyond.
  • I worked hard in my job through very tough times and I improved my skills as a Stylist, accepting challenges even when I felt them scary and new. There have been times I definatley wanted to give in, but I have worked so hard and I have found letting the little things go to be extremley useful.
  • I have left behind friendships that were unhealthy in the past and learned to say no when its best for me. (All I can really say on this is, “The lifechanging magic of not giving a Fuck” a book by the fabulous Sarah Knight has really helped me with this one. P.S, It actually works.)

2019-01-02 093723231812769444078..jpg

Now I’m not going to bang on and on about new years resolutions or what my plans are for this year. If I’m honest, I want to keep them close because I really dont know what 2019 holds. I know whatever it is, there will be good bits, and fave bits and bits that I dont really like.

But sometimes, Its okay not to have a resolution or a plan.

Sometimes, its good to just keep on doing you. So my resolution this year, is to keep on doing the things that made me happy in 2018. And I’m sure I’ll find a few more for 2019.

Why I’m starting a capsule wardrobe and what that means to me.

There’s a lot of talk about sustainability in the fashion industry and capsule wardrobes and ultimately saving the planet through shopping smarter for your wears, and I was umming and arrring but I felt I needed to dip my toe in. And if I’m honest, I hadn’t really thought about it. I haven’t watched that documentary that everyone’s been talking about and its probably because I’m scared to. I’m a real contributor to the fast fashion that is everything that’s wrong with the industry. I buy clothes, I sometimes buy cheap clothes, and I toss them aside after a wear or too because I just get bored. I sometimes even buy ridiculously expensive clothes (for the budget I have) and I pass on them after a few wears because I bought on impulse and they just aren’t me. I even have things sitting in my “dontweardrobe” with tags on. Its wasteful and financially draining, and somewhat emotionally draining to me because its not just about money or sustainability for me.

The job I do requires me to look at clothes on a daily basis. I’m surrounded by clothes and I’m basically shopping for other people every single day. I promote clothes as part of my job online, and I have myself bought into trends that don’t last to promote the latest “it” thing. So when I get home, from sometimes 10 hours of shopping, you would think I wouldn’t want to see any more clothes.. well I’m going to be honest, I do endlessly scroll, and shop from my sofa and hit that buy button. In-fact I think I’m addicted to shopping. And I have a problem.

Addiction is SUCH a strong word, and I know that it is.. but when something starts to effect your life negatively you need to address it and maybe put into place change. I know I’m addicted to Instagram, to shopping online, to buying endlessly.. and its just not right. I think many people are probably addicted to shopping, watching those haul videos. I’ve made one myself in the past. But buying endlessly isn’t why I first got into fashion. It was all about the way clothes made me feel. And if I look back on the last year, the main reason I bought bought bought was because I just felt like I needed to keep up, to be on trend, to be alternative and out there and unique and different and I became this crazy character version of myself, when all I wanted to do was put back on my jeans and a band tee.

So what is the plan? What am I doing to rectify this feeling. Well I guess I can break it down to 3 things:

  1. I’m building a capsule wardrobe that suits me and my lifestyle. Now this is really important. I’m making a capsule wardrobe that is mine. I feel like its all too easy to watch a guru on YouTube and mimic their basics and what they need. When I think about myself as a Stylist, the first question I ask to a customer is “What is your lifestyle like?”, because so many people come in for wardrobe updates, state they need more formal dresses and lightweight jackets, when in-fact their lifestyle doesn’t lend itself to those pieces.
  2. I’m removing any negative energy from Instagram and limiting my time on that app. So this might mean people, this might mean anything too promoting. I have 4 Instagram accounts for various things. My work account will still follow trending and more ‘advertising’ accounts, but I’m going to look at that Insta in work and on the bus home, and that’s it. No more posting endlessly from home. My personal and blog accounts will really be limited, I’m going to pair right back who I follow, and if I feel any negative energy from an account (It might be thoughts that I wish I looked like that, or comparing myself to others) I’m going to have to un-follow. Nothing personal, but I just don’t want to feel like that anymore. I follow over 500 accounts on Instagram so I’m going to do a good cull. I did the same on Facebook quite a while ago and to be honest I never even check that app anymore because I just don’t feel the need. I don’t want to go that far with Instagram because I love the concept more than any other social media, but I want to reignite that love for it and really pair back what I put on social media for the world to see. Everyone doesn’t need to see pictures of my baked potato lunch.
  3. I’m devoting my time and money into other things. So this is what it says on the tin. The version of a Capsule wardrobe I’ve created means I can still shop through the month. Call it a relaxed capsule… more on this later… but mainly I want to devote my precious time to the people I love, my boyfriend, family and friends. I want to scroll less and watch a film with Ben. I want to take my mum out for tea. I want to start reading again (after doing an English degree nearly 10 years ago ((EEK)) that destroyed my love of reading. I want to fill in my Bullet Journal regularly and put as much effort into it as I do the first page of the month! (You feel me B-Journalers?!) I want to read Harry Potter and have baths. I want to go for long runs and listen to vinyl. I want to make videos and blog regularly and share my thoughts. All those semi-hipster things. All of those have more value than the latest trends. And trust me, I know, I’m a stylist.

So Thanks for reading and listening. I’ll share my unique capsule wardrobe system with you soon, now I have some time. And I promise to watch that documentary.

EDIT: I got my following on Instagram down from 678 to 253. I also did this in YouTube and my subscriptions to channels halved if not more. Happy Wednesday.

P.S, it’s my 5 year anniversary on here today… what a day to reinvent myself!

big love.