Starting over, yet again..

 So here, at the very start of my blog, is my very first grown up outfit post. I sometimes find these slightly trivial but here I am, joining in on the fun.
Today is a very hot day, 22 degrees in-fact. To my pale skin that is skin cooking level. To increase comfort I was looking for a floaty dress to lounge about in, and when digging through the old wardrobe, I found this.
I can’t believe I had forgotten about this dress.
To me, it screams ‘Free people’ without the price tag. It has a perfect vibe for todays garden day, and sums up my style quite aptly for a first blog post. I think it may originate from ASOS and today it was freed from the wardrobe of ‘lost clothes.’ An amazing ‘I forgot I had that’ find.
Complete with my Dad’s tan belt and zero shoes.
I’m not doing a Joss Stone I swear. Although I do believe you should free the feet at every opportunity.

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