The ever changing me. (A bit about hair.)

So I went for it. 

The chop.

*(A brief interlude about hair extensions here.)

I have worn hair extensions for the past 10 years of my life. And it was grand.

Hair extensions gave me, I thought, all my confidence. I was outgoing and that was all down to the hair. When I got “challenged” at work, it strengthened my need to rebel and keep wearing these lovely locks of someone else’s long flowing hair. Life was great with hair. 

It got to the point where my hair extention addiction was obsessive. I wouldn’t admit it at the time, but I wouldn’t leave the house without my hair. (Well, was it ever my hair?!) I wore clip ins for 10 years and believe me, I wore them 6 days a week if not all 7 days. It would take me a full hour and a half to get ready, at least an hour of that time washing, curling and styling my precious hair. 

I dyed it various colours and I bleached it out. I must have spend hundreds over the years in maintaining them, never mind buying fresh sets with every colour change. And it was honestly fun. I felt pretty and often hid behind my hair, pinning my confident self on the hair extensions.

It wasn’t until one day, when with brown hair, I wanted a change. I was clipping in my extensions, something I had learned to do without a mirror. That day I decided to watch what I was doing and clip in my extentions. I found bald patches in my hair. I was devastated. 

Can’t believe I’m sharing this with the world.

My hair was clearly affected by 10 years of clipping. I was more than a bit terrified.

I went to see my friend and told her my situation. What the hell  do I do with this?! She asked me, ‘why don’t you just cut it all off?! Imagine in summer, no SWEATY hair to think about!’ 

After much persuasion I decided to book an appointment at the hairdressers. £75 and 4 hours later I came out a free woman. With all my confidence. With 45 minutes a day at least of my life back. 

I feel so much better. 

Look at that smile.

I went in to that hairdressers scared of what might happen if I chopped my hair. Now, I wish I’d done it 10 years ago. Short hair, don’t care.


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