You, me, and my belly.

So this one I had to actually pluck up courage to write…

Top is Levis (Dad’s), Shorts are Gap.

For years and years and ever since I was young (blah blah blah) I’ve had issues with the chub tum. I absolutely disspised my belly and my arms and I felt these were my troublesome areas. But you know what, as soon as I got tattoos on my arm, you couldn’t get me out of a short sleeved t-shirt. Say what you like about body art, I think, whatever makes you happy and confident, just do it. But the tum, well that remained a firm (not-so-firm) object of my deteste.

Quick side note.

 So I had a wee bit of debate on these shorts… when I say ‘wee bit of debate’ I mean, Ive asked everyone I know if these shorts are too short and too white for my pale completion. Literally everyone. But why do I care?! I like them! 

..Back to my story. My friend and I have been visiting the gym. She talked me into it actually, and I’ve really really been enjoying it. Aside from the physical benefits, it gets me out of the house and I always feel better for going. And no, I’m not on a diet, I’m not doing this to be ‘thin’ (I hate that word, just as much as fat) I’m just doing it to feel like I’m doing my bit excersize to be strong, fit and healthy. 

So back to the tum.

Suuper attractive slippers in the background, yes Emma you couldn’t crop those out of shot could you.. 

Well, yeah, it’s not flat, I’ll tell you that much. But I’ve decided not to hate it. 

And if I want to wear a belly top* I will.

And you know, I don’t think it’s that bad. In fact, It’s not at all bad. It’s my body. And gym or no gym, I will still love it. 

It’s where I live. And as cheesy as that sounds, I love being in it. 


*(on holiday-its far too cold for that Malarkey in the UK. Now where’s my blanket?!)



So we’ve gone from a few blurry photos to lots of less blurry photos. At least I keep it real.

Here I’m wearing my little gap dress which I also purchased in a red pattern. I thought this would be perfect for my trip to Thailand in summer, obviously tights (and care) free. But here, in not so sunny England, I’m wearing it layered up.

I absolutely love the print. I love to wear an obnoxious pop of colour. So this was perfect for me. 

I like this look of having jam jar nerd glasses with my girly outfit but I still feel like my gazelles and my over shirt gives the look a bit of an edgy twist. Living on the edge.

And excuse me if I’m much excite wearing a different belt! My favourite belt is my brown belt that was my Dad’s, but I’m wearing that so much it’s looking a little worse for wear. So I’m still thinking about maybe taking it to get protected in some way so I can get back to wearing it? Does anyone know if this is a thing? 

For now I’m embracing other belts and this big buckle is aiding me in making this change. Change is hard sometimes!

Here is me and a plant. 

This photo makes me want to learn how to edit and get rid of that spot on my face, but hey, I live in the real world. And spots are keeping it real too.

Thought I’d include this silly one. This is mainly my face 89% of the time. Ain’t nobody got time for a pose face in real life.


Dots in spots 

These outfit posts are probably my most blurry every shot. Although horrendously blurred, I still wanted to share this very basic outfit combo I wore to hang about at my boyfriend’s house. The checklist for said event is comfortable. And that’s about it.

Does anybody else remember this whitepepper dress? It was the blogger dream so long ago? Well yeah, i’m still wearing it. And what? (In my head that was so Ru Paul) 

I love a polka dot dress and although it’s not flattering at all really, a belt helps (can’t live without a belt) and it’s super short so I can get the pins out.

Insert my belt and cord jacket here! Don’t need to say much more about those pieces aside from they seem to be as perminanet as my tattoos. 

I wore my glasses and a pink lipstick from MAC-snob, for reference if you care to note. And I’ve started wearing my beloved Adidas gazelles again. Trainers and a dress everyday. Who do I think I am?! Lily Allen?! 

Hopped in the car and off I went didn’t I. 

Here is a car picture for proof.

Now there are pigeons flying about my window.. so I’m going to go.

Until next time 


Ugly love ..

So this shirt has a wee bit of a backstory…

It’s from a long while back, and I remember I saw this shirt and it was so ugly, I had to have it. It was at a time I thought it would be challenging to style up some dire clothes, I was younger and always thought I needed to be daring and different and my clothes had to reflect that.

So it was so Ugly, I bought it, and I wore it a good few times. Then it got lost in the epic cave that is my wardrobe and forgotten about. That is, until today, when I caught a glimmer of pink and I thought, I’ll give this a go. 

As you can see the ugly shirt was worn at work, on a long shift, and these photos are at the end of the day so excuse the state of me!

I wore the ugly shirt with my Dad’s old jeans and belt combo and my converse. Topped it off with prescription lenses and I was good to go. I smudged on some mac snob lipstick and legged it out of the house. 

I look somewhat undone several hours later. I have been trying a maybelline foundation that has literally lasted all of ten minutes on my face. Worst foundation ever. Back to the drawing board with that one.

Does anyone elses hair do this at the end of the day? Ever since I got a pixie cut, I can’t resist running my hand through my hair until it stands on end. Makes me feel super punk circa 1988.

Hope everyone has had a lovely Saturday. Now it’s time to enjoy Saturday night. And redo my hair.



I   think the flowers on this shirt are called chrysanthumums but I could be wrong. This is the new look floordrobe shirt I mentioned previously, the one I felt I had to rescue and for the price I could even wear it as a dress sometimes and that would be cool. Well I felt it deserved some full length airtime, so here it is in all its glory.

Obvs my height scuppered the dress plan as the shirt sides are a wee bit top short to wear as a comfortable dress, even with shorts on It fell a bit flat for me, so I’ve teamed it with my Dad’s old Levis and my reliable old converse. I think it worked well and maybe one day I’ll get the confidence to wear the shirt as a dress. 

I also got my hair cut over Easter, a special treat for me! A trip to the barbers did make me nervous but I couldn’t be happier with the result. Still absolutely loving short hair.

Not much else to report really! I have been taking outfit photos but not posting as the time of day I’ve been snapping has been later on and the above quality is about the best I can muster. Hopefully it’s doing the job! Other than low quality photography I’ve been stuffing my face with Easter eggs and counteracting that with hard-core gym sessions. Life is balance.

That’s all for now folks. 

Till next time.


Denim denim 

It was a super sunny day last week, so I decided to don a somewhat summery outfit. (Although I still realise I live in the north east so I did think tights and a scarf were a necessity!)

I wore my trademark brown belt that was my Dad’s and my trusty black converse. I even tried brightening things up with a orange lip. 

Needless to say I really enjoyed this outfit, I felt really good even if my eyes look tired! I loved the orange pops of colour on the lip and nails and I felt like the belt drew in the slouchy denim dress. Bring on summer.

Mirror moment 2

I nipped out yesterday for some food with two friends and it was lovely. Here is what I wore…

Yes I got the black version of my fave pink pants. Maybe I’m a little obsessed. Would it be wrong to buy another pair?! 

This shirt is from New look and was literally on the floor in the sale section. I feel like I rescued it from the floordrobe of new look despite being about 6 sizes too big. I’ve tucked in here so you can’t tell, but I actually wore this as a dress not too long ago, but I much prefer it tucked in to these jazzy trousers. 

Standard favourite ever belt from my Dad, and I wore converse as I physically couldnt take putting boots on after going to the gym so much recently. Note to self, I need new trainers. Its been upgraded from a want to a need. Not sure if white converse go with said outfit but sometimes you just need comforts. And I’ll tell you, this outfit was perfect for an all you can eat Chinese buffet. 

Peace and love.