I love wearing yellow tops and dungarees. (Sung in the style of yellow submarine)

Please sing the title in the tune of yellow submarine!

Somewhat a rush effort this morning to get ready for work. I’m having one of those days where my hair won’t work and my legs won’t walk from the gym terror I’ve subjected myself to over the past week. I’ve turned into a gym bunny, kinda like a Duracell bunny but without half the energy, and today I feel like one of those rival batteries that are running out of steam, or ability to style a pixie cut. Ce  la vie.

On to the outfit. Pretty basic and practical for running about at work. Black dungarees that I had shoved at the back of the wardrobe for many moons but they made a break out and apparently have made it into general population. (Perhaps I’m watching too much lock up on Netflix..  explains the prison lingo I promise! Seriously though, check that programme out.)

This yellow stripey number is one that I fall in and out of love with. Sometimes I hate the skin hugging fit and sometimes I just can’t resist the mustard yellow colour so I forgive it for it’s body hugging. I think I might have found the correct way to wear it with these dungarees as it breaks up the stripes in a way I think is just right.

Probably should have worn this outfit with my vans and my mustard socks, as I did not so long ago. Not with scruffy white cons that dont match my mustard. But as I don’t have an infinite amount of vans replacement money I keep my vans for best. What a world I live in that my vans are my best shoes. 

And as for the cord number. Let’s not speak of this again. If anyone can find something to replace this, Let me know as it’s taking over my wardrobe like the head of a prison riot. 

Seriously, too much lock up. 



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