Is this pyjamarama?

If someone told me the amount of things that would change in my life 2 years ago, I wouldn’t believe them. I wish I could have looked into my crystal ball (yes, I own a crystal ball, thank you Kelly and Craig! ) and maybe I could have prepared myself for all the changes in my life, but without going into things too much, Im starting to feel much healthier and happier in my own skin. So, without jynxing things, maybe 2017 is the year for peace and happiness. 

 Back to the clothes.

“Are you in your pyjamas?” I hear you say? Well I might as well be. Back in these pink pants, (comfort level 100) and my favourite (and ancient) American Apparel tee. I can’t believe American Apparel has disappeared! Can someone explain what’s happened with that?! 

I threw on my brown leather belt, vans and my big yellow scarf and was good to go. Ok, honestly once I kicked off those vans  and scarf, I might as well have been in my pyjamas. Probably not the most flattering outfit but definatley the most comfortable. And If I can feel pretty cool with awkward length pink plisse trousers on, then I will. 


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