Mirror moment 2

I nipped out yesterday for some food with two friends and it was lovely. Here is what I wore…

Yes I got the black version of my fave pink pants. Maybe I’m a little obsessed. Would it be wrong to buy another pair?! 

This shirt is from New look and was literally on the floor in the sale section. I feel like I rescued it from the floordrobe of new look despite being about 6 sizes too big. I’ve tucked in here so you can’t tell, but I actually wore this as a dress not too long ago, but I much prefer it tucked in to these jazzy trousers. 

Standard favourite ever belt from my Dad, and I wore converse as I physically couldnt take putting boots on after going to the gym so much recently. Note to self, I need new trainers. Its been upgraded from a want to a need. Not sure if white converse go with said outfit but sometimes you just need comforts. And I’ll tell you, this outfit was perfect for an all you can eat Chinese buffet. 

Peace and love.


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