I   think the flowers on this shirt are called chrysanthumums but I could be wrong. This is the new look floordrobe shirt I mentioned previously, the one I felt I had to rescue and for the price I could even wear it as a dress sometimes and that would be cool. Well I felt it deserved some full length airtime, so here it is in all its glory.

Obvs my height scuppered the dress plan as the shirt sides are a wee bit top short to wear as a comfortable dress, even with shorts on It fell a bit flat for me, so I’ve teamed it with my Dad’s old Levis and my reliable old converse. I think it worked well and maybe one day I’ll get the confidence to wear the shirt as a dress. 

I also got my hair cut over Easter, a special treat for me! A trip to the barbers did make me nervous but I couldn’t be happier with the result. Still absolutely loving short hair.

Not much else to report really! I have been taking outfit photos but not posting as the time of day I’ve been snapping has been later on and the above quality is about the best I can muster. Hopefully it’s doing the job! Other than low quality photography I’ve been stuffing my face with Easter eggs and counteracting that with hard-core gym sessions. Life is balance.

That’s all for now folks. 

Till next time.



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