Ugly love ..

So this shirt has a wee bit of a backstory…

It’s from a long while back, and I remember I saw this shirt and it was so ugly, I had to have it. It was at a time I thought it would be challenging to style up some dire clothes, I was younger and always thought I needed to be daring and different and my clothes had to reflect that.

So it was so Ugly, I bought it, and I wore it a good few times. Then it got lost in the epic cave that is my wardrobe and forgotten about. That is, until today, when I caught a glimmer of pink and I thought, I’ll give this a go. 

As you can see the ugly shirt was worn at work, on a long shift, and these photos are at the end of the day so excuse the state of me!

I wore the ugly shirt with my Dad’s old jeans and belt combo and my converse. Topped it off with prescription lenses and I was good to go. I smudged on some mac snob lipstick and legged it out of the house. 

I look somewhat undone several hours later. I have been trying a maybelline foundation that has literally lasted all of ten minutes on my face. Worst foundation ever. Back to the drawing board with that one.

Does anyone elses hair do this at the end of the day? Ever since I got a pixie cut, I can’t resist running my hand through my hair until it stands on end. Makes me feel super punk circa 1988.

Hope everyone has had a lovely Saturday. Now it’s time to enjoy Saturday night. And redo my hair.



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