Dots in spots 

These outfit posts are probably my most blurry every shot. Although horrendously blurred, I still wanted to share this very basic outfit combo I wore to hang about at my boyfriend’s house. The checklist for said event is comfortable. And that’s about it.

Does anybody else remember this whitepepper dress? It was the blogger dream so long ago? Well yeah, i’m still wearing it. And what? (In my head that was so Ru Paul) 

I love a polka dot dress and although it’s not flattering at all really, a belt helps (can’t live without a belt) and it’s super short so I can get the pins out.

Insert my belt and cord jacket here! Don’t need to say much more about those pieces aside from they seem to be as perminanet as my tattoos. 

I wore my glasses and a pink lipstick from MAC-snob, for reference if you care to note. And I’ve started wearing my beloved Adidas gazelles again. Trainers and a dress everyday. Who do I think I am?! Lily Allen?! 

Hopped in the car and off I went didn’t I. 

Here is a car picture for proof.

Now there are pigeons flying about my window.. so I’m going to go.

Until next time 



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