So we’ve gone from a few blurry photos to lots of less blurry photos. At least I keep it real.

Here I’m wearing my little gap dress which I also purchased in a red pattern. I thought this would be perfect for my trip to Thailand in summer, obviously tights (and care) free. But here, in not so sunny England, I’m wearing it layered up.

I absolutely love the print. I love to wear an obnoxious pop of colour. So this was perfect for me. 

I like this look of having jam jar nerd glasses with my girly outfit but I still feel like my gazelles and my over shirt gives the look a bit of an edgy twist. Living on the edge.

And excuse me if I’m much excite wearing a different belt! My favourite belt is my brown belt that was my Dad’s, but I’m wearing that so much it’s looking a little worse for wear. So I’m still thinking about maybe taking it to get protected in some way so I can get back to wearing it? Does anyone know if this is a thing? 

For now I’m embracing other belts and this big buckle is aiding me in making this change. Change is hard sometimes!

Here is me and a plant. 

This photo makes me want to learn how to edit and get rid of that spot on my face, but hey, I live in the real world. And spots are keeping it real too.

Thought I’d include this silly one. This is mainly my face 89% of the time. Ain’t nobody got time for a pose face in real life.



4 thoughts on “Layering 

  1. Oriana says:

    I love this ! The dress is gorgeous, I’m going to look for it online 😊 This colour matches your skin tone and hair so well (and red sounds perfect too !) Very pretty 💕

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