The jacket everybody hates

This jacket has quite possibly caused more controversy than the current political election…well maybe not. But it has been quite the topic of debate in my little clothes world.

Just to clarify… I love this jacket. When I saw it online originally, it made me do a face so close to heart eye emoji. Or even like that cartoon dog that had the eyes popping out of his head when he saw something he loved! Basically in summation, I bloody love this jacket. I love the colour green, how oversized it is, the quirky frill hem, it’s everything.

On this somewhat sunny day, I had just got the jacket.. to clarify, I didn’t buy this from ASOS first time round. But when I saw it on eBay I just had to bid. And story goes, I won, and the love affair began. 

Apparently past Emma paired this dream jacket with unruly hair and a blue thin denim dress from Gap. And my vans have made an appearance! I’ve been trying to save them for summer.

So I was keeping it basic, with the jacket that everybody hates… Well hate is such a strong word, but I’ve had a lot of ‘I’ll fitting and ‘a waste of money’ since getting it, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for an oversized khaki jacket with a silly frill. Insert heart eye emoji here!

I’m off to escape all things political with a bit of Ru Paul’s drag race and a cheeky pimms and lemonade. Bank holiday Monday sorted.



Hello warm weather..

Hello warm weather, we’ll have no trouble here! 

So this is what I call my most basic of outfits in the heat of the summer sun. Apparently it’s decided to be swelteringly hot outside and as I am a typical fair English rose and burn to a crisp in any heat, I’ve gone for a loose and comfortable aesthetic. Spot the spill of water on my favourite pink plisse trousers. 

I absolutely love that the weather is warming up and it’s definatley preparing me for Thailand  (I need to be eased into hot weather gently!) Here I’m wearing a basic grey vest from gap that I’ve twisted to a knot in an interesting way, some pink plisse trousers, and my new gold sandles from Primark. Last of the big spenders on holiday footwear! I love the summer vibes these slingback are giving me, and although I don’t really like Gold, there’s something about this pop of gold in summer that I just love.

I really liked the way this airy breezy outfit turned out, and I feel much more prepared for a summer sun and a hotter climate. Any suggestions welcome, I’m currently trying to work out how to make denim shorts work for me… a life long struggle. 

I feel like this outfit is cute and casual for summer without showing off too much skin. 

This past week I’ve had my injections for holiday, and I’ve been so ill ever since. 7 days off the gym and I feel a bit sluggish, very much too hot, and lazy, so this outfit making me feel confident and cool (as in, actually cooled down) has got it top marks in my book. 

Hopefully I’ll feel a bit better soon and back to my old self. Until then, this is a go to in warm weather. 


Short hair and menswear. 

It’s a disgusting rainy day in the North East of England. And I’ve absolutely ruined the heals of my feet with my now not so affectionately named ‘unsuitable for walking’ shoes. Note to self, if it’s pretty and but it’s 100% impracticle, then what’s the point. That’s a lesson I’ve learned over time and growing into adulthood… comfier clothes are just better in some ways.

So for the sake of foot salvage I’ve put on some (very old) patterned sandles to try to fix my poorly heals. Maybe it’s time to invest In some sandles for times like these…not that I plan to repeat this error..

My main focus in this outfit was styling up these tailored pants from the menswear section at Gap. I’ve been wanting a vintage pair of tailored trousers but charity shops around me don’t sell much that I’d buy and truth be told I’m so picky with my clothes now, when I see something I love, high street or vintage, I tend to just buy it. So when I saw these bad boys in the sale section, I had to make a cheeky purchase. 

The pattern is quite muted which I thought perfect for my first delve into tailoring. I did find them quite challenging to style up with short hair because here’s the deal, yesterday someone walking behind me mistook me for a man. Now that doesn’t really bother me but I’m ashamed to say it did make me question my outfit choice this morning. Is it ok to have short hair and wear menswear?

Well my answer is obviously yes. 

Details: Top: Topshop, belt: Dad’s, Trousers: Gap men’s, Bag: Fjallraven, Sandles: primark (about 5 years old.)

Rocking menswear, Short hair, no cares.


P.S I added the jacket because it’s raining here!! Sandles and scarf for life.. hahaha

Bank holiday realness

Serving you some “this is a bank holiday but I’m at work” realness..

Just a quick post today! This is what I wore on bank holiday Monday, and what I will probably wear today. I absolutely love maroon as a colour, aside from the fact it’s the colour of my old school uniform. You think I’d have had enough of a maroon monsoon! 

I actually forgot how much I love wearing white converse too, I had to give mine a good wash but they turned out good as (almost) new! 

Top is American Apparel (old. Maybe almost ancient.) It’s such a shame we can’t get American Apparel here anymore! 

RIGHT, I’m off to go relive this outfit today! Short and sweet one so you don’t have to listen to me rambling on. I am a voice when you read this, right?


Safari Party

So. More blurry photos…

One day I swear I’ll learn to focus the camera. Well phone..

So I won’t lie, these pants are probably the most unflattering things I could ever wear, but it truly was love at first sight when I saw them. The beige colour that goes with everything, the extreme oversized fit so I just had to wear a belt, the total safari vibe that makes me feel I’m out in the wilderness…they were a sure thing purchase. 

I love how oversized the trousers are, and how airy they are, a perfect summer piece. I teamed these babies with a shirt from years ago that I hardly ever wear. I tied the shirt at the waist for a more summery safari feel and put on my trusty belt (nope I still haven’t sorted anything out to keep this belt fresh, but I can’t resist it. It pulls me in. Literally.)

I popped on my little headband to finish off my safari vibes, and wore a back pack to work, showing true commitment to the safari feelz. Rawr.

I feel like this is a complete look that I committed to, a little out of my comfort zone but completely up my street.  Now I’m off to sing welcome to the jungle and dream of seanic views…