Safari Party

So. More blurry photos…

One day I swear I’ll learn to focus the camera. Well phone..

So I won’t lie, these pants are probably the most unflattering things I could ever wear, but it truly was love at first sight when I saw them. The beige colour that goes with everything, the extreme oversized fit so I just had to wear a belt, the total safari vibe that makes me feel I’m out in the wilderness…they were a sure thing purchase. 

I love how oversized the trousers are, and how airy they are, a perfect summer piece. I teamed these babies with a shirt from years ago that I hardly ever wear. I tied the shirt at the waist for a more summery safari feel and put on my trusty belt (nope I still haven’t sorted anything out to keep this belt fresh, but I can’t resist it. It pulls me in. Literally.)

I popped on my little headband to finish off my safari vibes, and wore a back pack to work, showing true commitment to the safari feelz. Rawr.

I feel like this is a complete look that I committed to, a little out of my comfort zone but completely up my street.  Now I’m off to sing welcome to the jungle and dream of seanic views…



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