Short hair and menswear. 

It’s a disgusting rainy day in the North East of England. And I’ve absolutely ruined the heals of my feet with my now not so affectionately named ‘unsuitable for walking’ shoes. Note to self, if it’s pretty and but it’s 100% impracticle, then what’s the point. That’s a lesson I’ve learned over time and growing into adulthood… comfier clothes are just better in some ways.

So for the sake of foot salvage I’ve put on some (very old) patterned sandles to try to fix my poorly heals. Maybe it’s time to invest In some sandles for times like these…not that I plan to repeat this error..

My main focus in this outfit was styling up these tailored pants from the menswear section at Gap. I’ve been wanting a vintage pair of tailored trousers but charity shops around me don’t sell much that I’d buy and truth be told I’m so picky with my clothes now, when I see something I love, high street or vintage, I tend to just buy it. So when I saw these bad boys in the sale section, I had to make a cheeky purchase. 

The pattern is quite muted which I thought perfect for my first delve into tailoring. I did find them quite challenging to style up with short hair because here’s the deal, yesterday someone walking behind me mistook me for a man. Now that doesn’t really bother me but I’m ashamed to say it did make me question my outfit choice this morning. Is it ok to have short hair and wear menswear?

Well my answer is obviously yes. 

Details: Top: Topshop, belt: Dad’s, Trousers: Gap men’s, Bag: Fjallraven, Sandles: primark (about 5 years old.)

Rocking menswear, Short hair, no cares.


P.S I added the jacket because it’s raining here!! Sandles and scarf for life.. hahaha


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