Hello warm weather..

Hello warm weather, we’ll have no trouble here! 

So this is what I call my most basic of outfits in the heat of the summer sun. Apparently it’s decided to be swelteringly hot outside and as I am a typical fair English rose and burn to a crisp in any heat, I’ve gone for a loose and comfortable aesthetic. Spot the spill of water on my favourite pink plisse trousers. 

I absolutely love that the weather is warming up and it’s definatley preparing me for Thailand  (I need to be eased into hot weather gently!) Here I’m wearing a basic grey vest from gap that I’ve twisted to a knot in an interesting way, some pink plisse trousers, and my new gold sandles from Primark. Last of the big spenders on holiday footwear! I love the summer vibes these slingback are giving me, and although I don’t really like Gold, there’s something about this pop of gold in summer that I just love.

I really liked the way this airy breezy outfit turned out, and I feel much more prepared for a summer sun and a hotter climate. Any suggestions welcome, I’m currently trying to work out how to make denim shorts work for me… a life long struggle. 

I feel like this outfit is cute and casual for summer without showing off too much skin. 

This past week I’ve had my injections for holiday, and I’ve been so ill ever since. 7 days off the gym and I feel a bit sluggish, very much too hot, and lazy, so this outfit making me feel confident and cool (as in, actually cooled down) has got it top marks in my book. 

Hopefully I’ll feel a bit better soon and back to my old self. Until then, this is a go to in warm weather. 



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