The jacket everybody hates

This jacket has quite possibly caused more controversy than the current political election…well maybe not. But it has been quite the topic of debate in my little clothes world.

Just to clarify… I love this jacket. When I saw it online originally, it made me do a face so close to heart eye emoji. Or even like that cartoon dog that had the eyes popping out of his head when he saw something he loved! Basically in summation, I bloody love this jacket. I love the colour green, how oversized it is, the quirky frill hem, it’s everything.

On this somewhat sunny day, I had just got the jacket.. to clarify, I didn’t buy this from ASOS first time round. But when I saw it on eBay I just had to bid. And story goes, I won, and the love affair began. 

Apparently past Emma paired this dream jacket with unruly hair and a blue thin denim dress from Gap. And my vans have made an appearance! I’ve been trying to save them for summer.

So I was keeping it basic, with the jacket that everybody hates… Well hate is such a strong word, but I’ve had a lot of ‘I’ll fitting and ‘a waste of money’ since getting it, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for an oversized khaki jacket with a silly frill. Insert heart eye emoji here!

I’m off to escape all things political with a bit of Ru Paul’s drag race and a cheeky pimms and lemonade. Bank holiday Monday sorted.



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