Shorts drama

How hard is it to find oversized shorts?!

So my boyfriend and I went to a vintage fair last weekend, and I had my eyes peeled for one.thing.only.

Denim shorts.

Specifically those vintage Levis denim shorts that would be cut of and fantastic and go with my whole summer wardrobe, and look amazing on holiday…gah I’m exhausted just thinking about the hunt for such perfect items… 

…and I did find some… But these are not them. 

These are some oversized denim shorts that fulfilled the dreams that the Levis failed to offer. 

So to clarify.. I did find some Levis, for the bargain price of £8 at the vintage fair. But I popped them on but they were just so.tight… I wore them to clean out the rabbits hutch and I was sweating on my legs… No.

I love the look of an oversized short, but just like the vintage Levis, all shorts are tight on me. So I scoured some charity shops and contemplated cutting some jeans (I actually did pop to chop a few pairs of men’s jeans) but in wandering mode, I found myself in peacocks of all places.

I tried on these babies in a few sizes too big and I loved how these looked oversized with a big belt to synch in the waist. Paired with a simple stripe gap vest and converse, I really loved this day look for holiday.

I did also style up the shorts with a basic white crop and my most hated loved jacket for day to day in the UK. (Coming soon!)

Here’s the vest ‘untucked.’

To simple denim shorts.. that actually so look cool with everything.. without a comfort compramise. 



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