My feelings on “Summer” and “Winter” dressing

So I’m actually writing this, waiting for a bus, standing in the snow, and inspiration just struck me on how I honestly feel about “winter dressing” right now, in the new year of 2018. So it’s Janurary and it’s snowing, and I love snow. I have loved “winter dressing I.e all the good stuff of layering, wrapping up, hats, scarves, the lot for years. Seriously bring all the layers on, the turtleneck, the denim, the shirt as a jacket, the coat, tights, hats and big chunky knit scarves. For years I’ve always been more comfortable in my style and the whole winter vibes. The aesthetics of it all pleases me greatly.

Proof of standing in a bus stop in the midst of a snowfall.

But right now, standing in the snow, I’ve completely lost my love of dressing for winter, and I really want my summer garms.

Now I’m not saying I’ll feel like this forever, or even until tomorrow, but right now I’m hella bored of my winter wardrobe, the cold, and my frozen hands.

It doesn’t help that this year was the year I felt most confident in my summer wardrobe.

Some personal highlights here:

I felt my style evolve into something a little more laid back, minimalist but adventurous.

My favourite outfit of 2017 was without a doubt my pink jumpsuit I wore on my 29th birthday in Thailand. I felt completely confident and it was such a simple piece, just a jumpsuit but full of pattern and flavour, personality without being too complex. I also ADORE those tie up sandles from Matalan that I pretty much wore every day on holiday. I hope they bring them back this year because I destroyed them!

Biggest fashion regret of 2017 was that I didn’t get that striped jumpsuit that, looking back, was pretty bloody awesome.

So the snow is getting even heavier now and I’m going to rethink my wardrobe. Here’s to me injecting a slice of summer into my winter wardrobe, and just maybe I’ll get my flavour back.


And just in case you didn’t believe that I’m out in the snow.. here I am on my way home


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