Insecurity and flying insects.

So who else was besotted with the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, and equally how stunningly beautiful is Megan Markle?! She took my breath away in that second dress for the reception (personal opinion on the first dress will remain personal .. but let’s face it, she’d have looked amazing in a dress from Primarni.)

But this leads me into thinking about insecurities and in particular, feeling insecure about fashion choices and the way I look and my abilities within fashion styling and even to post on this blog. Yeah, I’ll admit, it totally stopped me for a while.

Let’s face it, Instagram (although totally my absolute favourite of all the many social media platforms… I’ll stress that here and now!) Can be a bit of a influencer in itself into making us think…

Oh god I wish I looked like that. Where do they get all that money from? How are they always looking so put together and perfect? Why didn’t I think of that?! Why can’t I be that confident?! What is wrong with me?

And thats just the start. But the matter of fact is, these insecurities are all just comparison to other people, other peoples lives and looks and that’s so unrealistic to compare your whole self to someone’s snapshots. You are you and I am me. And these moments posted on social media are exactly that, moments. Which leads me nicely on to green fly insects.

90% of the time, I don’t look like my blog photos. In fact, I find it hard to be a put together person. Despite working within the fashion industry, my own personal style is not put together. And as a matter of fact I pride myself on having an element of looking a little bit scruffy...It’s rock and roll, right?

My converse are dirty. I sometimes forget to put earrings on. My dad used to constantly tell me to pull my jackets back onto my shoulders as when they fall back they look slovenly. I don’t wear lipstick or eyeliner or make up every single day. I love my pyjamas.

I even spend much of my time taking photos like this, with no make up on, after 3 mile runs to my boyfriend when greenflys decide to fly into my eye and my eye hurt so much I had to walk home early, a sweaty mess, a mile short and irritated by my fly ridden eye.

But the point of my post is that insecurities or insect issues, these little pieces of annoyance are completely temporary. They’ll always be another run, and another Instagram post, but I’ll not get swept away with it. I’ll probably never look as put together as someone else, but that’s who I am, they are them, and I’m still me. And it’s ok to be me. Infact its pretty great. And to be md is to look a little slovenly. It’s all rock and roll. I’ll make it to 4 miles next time green fly free, and on my last Insta scroll, the put together person just liked my post. Hurrah! So don’t be too hard on yourself. And I’ll not be too hard on me.


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