Hello YouTube



 So I did it.

Watch me answer some silly Q&A questions and get to know me a little better.



Hello, are you still here?

..if you are you deserve a post Christmas Chocolate coin! And a thank you, AND a well deserved pat on the back from me! 

But seriously, I appreciate all the interaction I get on here, the comments and the likes, because it’s so nice to have people listen. I think the value of listening is underappreciated in these busy hustle and bustle times, especially during the festive season.

Oh Christmas Tree, first Christmas tree, featuring ripped jeans and a knee…

For me, the festive season brings highs and lows, and even as I write this, I feel like some would be hearing me say that in that ” Ross from Friends voice ”  and potentially think im being a bit of a “downer”(although I certainly don’t agree with that, I’ve had ‘friends’ that would say that to Me in the past.) But there are down points to the festive season, and for some people it’s  really not festive at all.  I’m not saying I’m counted in the non festive feeling all the time, but there certainly have been those moments. One thing I saw that I really loved over Christmas, was a message from Davina McCall about loneliness, and that shone out to me as a beautiful message during all the festivities. Check that out here: Davina Christmas message

 On the flip side, 2017 was a pretty epic year for me. 

In a smallest of small summaries, I met my partner Ben, and moved into a beautiful flat. Just before that, we traveled to Thailand for our first ever holiday which was incredible, and we saw elephants on my 29th birthday. We had the most incredible time, and you can read about it here: We went to Thailand blog post.  

Brb I’m going back to Thailand… 

I’ve also had a wee bit winge on about my hair on here sooo many times, but when you’re conscious of something it can sometimes take over..  But recently I’ve been doing quite well at embracing the pixie and cracking on with growing it out. (I’ll keep you updated, of course.)

I guess one big thing (to me at least) that might interest you, if indeed you are “still here reading” is that I’ve purchased a new computer. Basically my Mac died after years of not being used for its purpose (I purchased it to do YouTube and blogging and I literally watched viral videos of cats for 5 years with it!) So this computer is going to be fit for purchase. So if you want, when I make my YouTube debut, feel free to say ( a nice please!) Hello to little old me. 

I hope you’ve had the greatest feative season and I wish you the happiest of New year’s. Bring on 2018 and an abundance of inspiration. I’m feeling it.

Four things I’m doing following my last post…

So my last post was caught on a total down day with the hair, but hey, life happens and why not document the good and the bad.

Truth be told my own insecurities around the old barnet have been stopping me doing these things, these important to me things, like going on YouTube, and wearing funky indie style clothes and going out full of confidence like I used to.

If I could scroll back to a time when I last wore a wig or had my hair extensions, or even when I first got my fresh new pixie cut you’d see my confidence in full force. But I think the lack of change with the pixie cut (I like to mix it up!) has affected me more than I’d like to admit and as I said in my equally wordy last post, as much as I’d like to be all, this is me and I love my hair and I’m so confident and happy all the time with a pixie and I never get cold ears the real truth is that yeah the pixie cut is awesome and there are days I will be rocking it and truly loving it, but sometimes I just want longer hair, or at least have a little variation to my look.

So I’ve decided on 4 things to do that might make me feel a little bit more confident while I’m growing the pixie out. I’m sorry pixie cut but it’s just not working out and although I love You, it’s time we parted.

1. I’m going to enjoy the pixie cut whilst I have it and look on the bright side

Although I won’t always have my pixie cut in full force, (more on this later) there will be days I will enjoy my pixie cut and indeed the many awkward stages growing it out, including the mushroom and the stage I’m currently in,  “the awkward back fringe as my boyfriend calls it. I’m going to enjoy when I have the pixie cut feels. 

2. I’m going to start growing my hair out.

This is pretty much self explanatory and encompasses looking after my hair more, washing it less, trying not to bleach the roots as regularly and basically letting it do it’s own thing. No more heat styling every bloody day.

3. Most excitingly I found and purchased a wig. 

Now wigs I’m assuming would not be an option for everybody growing out a pixie or just wanting a hair change. But why not? What is the difference really to extensions?! After what happened to my hair I won’t ever risk my hair health with extensions again so if I want the illusion of long hair I’m definitely mixing it up with a wig. I actually decided to go for a bob length as that is the current hair goals and I love the hair piece I got. Wearing it at 29 is different to wearing a wig when I was 19, but it so shouldn’t be! So with the help of my lovely boyfriend I braved the wig outside today and it was actually quite cool. And I felt confident. And it was good! 

4. I’m going to take care of myself more generally because hair isn’t everything.

Be it having a nice bubble bath or reading a good book, I’m going to rest a bit more because sometimes stress can make you stress more about things that are not as important. Things for me can really build up, and something larger that stresses me out can lead me to stress about everything and that ain’t good! So I’m making myself take times out to relax and refocus and think, there’s bigger things to worry about than me wearing a wig whilst my hair grows. I’ve actually started going regular yoga and have scheduled some runs in and I’m feeling pretty good about that! Self care for the win.

So that’s all I can think of right now and I’ll leave you with this lovely picture of my new hair (piece) whilst I chill out and practise what I preach.


Autumn walks and copper talk.

Autumns here you say? Winter coats and Christmas in sight? Well here’s how I feel about that…

Here I am, fully embracing Autumn weather. Fallen leaves and lots of greenery, this pictures got the lot. I love Autumn, transitional dressing blah blah blah I just love cold weather and layering up. So when my photographer a.k.a my boyfriend Ben and I decided on a walk for our days off that actually fell together (hurrah!) I thought it was a perfect opportunity to take some snaps demonstrating how much I bloody love Autumn.

..it might have been slightly windy but we did our best. And we worked out the actual camera..at last!

Propping my leg up on a lovely autumnal bench..

Catching a glimpse of some scenery.

What I wore..

Top: American Apparel.

Skirt: Next.

Coat: Topshop

Shoes: Converse

Necklace: Thailand Market.

Bag: Zara.

So you may have noticed I’ve done a little something something to my hair..  absolutely loving the ginger life. Although the lady I asked about dying my hair said to never refer to it as ginger and it’s actually copper. So I’m loving being copper. Perhaps a little not to Autumn/Winter. As it faxes it’s looking more copper toned, and it makes me love it more. Hopefully this will help me in the growing the pixie cut out journey. Any advice always appreciated! 

Ok, I’m off to enjoy the rest of my day off. P.S I promise, YouTube will come soon!

The ever changing me. (A bit about hair.)

So I went for it. 

The chop.

*(A brief interlude about hair extensions here.)

I have worn hair extensions for the past 10 years of my life. And it was grand.

Hair extensions gave me, I thought, all my confidence. I was outgoing and that was all down to the hair. When I got “challenged” at work, it strengthened my need to rebel and keep wearing these lovely locks of someone else’s long flowing hair. Life was great with hair. 

It got to the point where my hair extention addiction was obsessive. I wouldn’t admit it at the time, but I wouldn’t leave the house without my hair. (Well, was it ever my hair?!) I wore clip ins for 10 years and believe me, I wore them 6 days a week if not all 7 days. It would take me a full hour and a half to get ready, at least an hour of that time washing, curling and styling my precious hair. 

I dyed it various colours and I bleached it out. I must have spend hundreds over the years in maintaining them, never mind buying fresh sets with every colour change. And it was honestly fun. I felt pretty and often hid behind my hair, pinning my confident self on the hair extensions.

It wasn’t until one day, when with brown hair, I wanted a change. I was clipping in my extensions, something I had learned to do without a mirror. That day I decided to watch what I was doing and clip in my extentions. I found bald patches in my hair. I was devastated. 

Can’t believe I’m sharing this with the world.

My hair was clearly affected by 10 years of clipping. I was more than a bit terrified.

I went to see my friend and told her my situation. What the hell  do I do with this?! She asked me, ‘why don’t you just cut it all off?! Imagine in summer, no SWEATY hair to think about!’ 

After much persuasion I decided to book an appointment at the hairdressers. £75 and 4 hours later I came out a free woman. With all my confidence. With 45 minutes a day at least of my life back. 

I feel so much better. 

Look at that smile.

I went in to that hairdressers scared of what might happen if I chopped my hair. Now, I wish I’d done it 10 years ago. Short hair, don’t care.